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Real Estate is an Exciting and Rewarding Career. However, you have to pass the Real Estate exam before you can even begin to realize the benefits – and it isn’t easy! That’s why you need the pre-licensing real estate prep course.

The Real Estate licensing gets written primarily by lawyers, the Real Estate Trading Services course is packed with legal and mathematical material. Its degree of difficulty has been compared to that of first or second year university level.  In fact, a remarkably high percentage of people fail the exam on their first attempt.  You don’t have to be one of them.

Pre-licensing Real Estate Prep Course in Victoria and Nanaimo.

  • Weekly classes run for twelve weeks and are 2 hours in duration.  There are four courses per year commencing in January, April, July, and September.
  • Early bird registration fee: $950 – due 4 weeks prior to start date.
  • Regular registration: $1150 – due one week before start date.

Our Instructor, Barbara McNicholls, RI(BC) has been helping people pass the exam for over 30 years.  Here’s how you can benefit:

  • Understand the main focus points of each chapter. The material is broken down into manageable segments, in plain English.
  • Learn to love math! Through step by step instruction and an easy to follow system you’ll look forward to the math questions on the exam.
  • Learn the language using over 400 flash cards will help you learn new terms, definitions, and legal concepts.
  • Develop study techniques and exam writing tips that can drastically improve your ability to understand and remember the information for exam day.

For more information you can contact Barbara directly by email at: [email protected]

 *These tutorials are designed for students who are currently registered in the Real Estate Trading Services Course through Sauder’s School of Business, UBC and would like further assistance in the form of structured weekly tutorials.

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