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British Columbia Canada


BC Children’s Hospital Foundation (BCCHF) is one of 14 pediatric hospitals across Canada, who have partnered with Children’s Miracle Network (CMN). CMN is a North American non-profit organization that raises funds for children’s hospitals, medical research and community awareness of children’s health issues. CMN was founded in 1983 in the USA, and supports hospitals across the USA and Canada.

RE/MAX was proud to celebrate its support of the Children’s Miracle Network for more than 25 years in 2019! In Canada alone, our dedicated agents, whose deep commitment to community involvement, help raise millions of dollars each year through various initiatives. Now that is something to celebrate!

RE/MAX Agents generously donate a portion of the sale of each home to the Children’s Miracle Network member hospital in their community directly helping our local sick kids.

RE/MAX is one of many national partners within CMN who support children’s hospitals across Canada, and has cumulatively given over $60 Million to these hospitals. RE/MAX has been giving to BC Children’s Hospital specifically since 1997, and over 1600 individual agents and 66 supporting offices have donated over $10 million dollars to date.

Many generous agents have been long-time supporters and donations are a direct result of the associates successes rather than solicitations to customers. Benefits of this program for agents include, building customer loyalty, gaining recognition among colleagues and in the marketplace, as well as giving back to the community where they work and live.

In 2019, RE/MAX agents and offices in BC raised $782,305 for BC Children’s Hospital, and the goal for 2020 is to achieve $1,000,000 in fundraising dollars by the end of December.

Did you know:

  • The real estate / construction industry corporately raises about $1.6 M each year for BC Children’s Hospital
  • Of that amount, RE/MAX donates anywhere between $800K to $1M of that total each year!
  • RE/MAX is the only real estate brokerage that gives at this level to BC Children’s Hospital in BC
  • Many agents choose to work with RE/MAX because of their commitment to giving back to their communities in this way
  • In 2019 RE/MAX of Nanaimo agents achieved donations of $1M, reached by only one other independently owned and operated RE/MAX office n BC.

A Million Reasons Why

Hospital stats:

  • There are 1 million children in BC and the Yukon, that all may need the services of BCCH at some point in their lives
  • Approximately 93,000 children are treated at BCCH every year from minor injuries to serious illnesses, from newborns to 18 year olds
  • Of that amount 3,300 come from Vancouver Island (3.5%)

What RE/MAX helps to fund

The money donated by RE/MAX goes towards the Excellence in Child Health fund, which allows caregivers in the hospital access to purchase state of the art equipment and fund life saving research, and help to educate and attract the very best health care specialists in the field.

Children’s Miracle Network

Each day, more than 4,900 children receive care at a Children’s Miracle Network member hospital, and RE/MAX Agents have been raising valuable funds since 1992. In total, we have 270 Miracles Offices who have raised over $2500 each year. We have nearly 7,000 agents participating in the miracle home program, donating an average of $453 each.

The Miracle Home Program is more than a way for RE/MAX agents to give back to their community; it is a way for them to build relationships with an organization that positively impacts children’s lives each and every day. In 2015, RE/MAX Agents and Broker/Owners participated in 25 hospital tours, 11 radiothons and telethons, and 25 fundraising events including golf tournaments, carnivals, family fun days and more. Not only that, but RE/MAX offices were visited by member hospitals 154 times throughout the year, and we can’t wait to see that number continue to grow.

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RE/MAX Miracle Home Program®

RE/MAX has been so successful in their fundraising due to the exclusive program called the “Miracle Home Program” which provides an opportunity for a RE/MAX associate to make a donation to their local CMN hospital with each real estate transaction.

When you list your property with an agent that participates in this program, your agent will donate a portion of their income from the sale of your home to a Children’s Miracle Network hospital.

The Miracle Home Program and the relationship between RE/MAX and CMN is something enjoyed and celebrated throughout the entire year. From Month of Miracles in August where offices and agents participate in special days like Miracle Treat Day, to other initiatives.

When the time comes to begin your search for your new home, ask your agent if they participate in the RE/MAX Miracle Home Program so you too can help a child in need in our community. By choosing a RE/MAX agent who is part of the Miracle Home Program, you’re helping to make miracles happen in the lives of children.

For more information about CMN, Miracle Home Program or RE/MAX of Nanaimo please visit remaxofnanaimo.com or call 250-751-1223.