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Home Energy Evaluation

Home Energy Evaluation

With energy costs continually going up, it must be front and center in our minds to make our homes as energy efficient as possible. We can should also utilize all the potential ways we can to reduce our heating bills. Let’s talk about the importance of getting a home energy evaluation for all types of homes whether they are existing or new homes.

With the new Energy Step Code coming into effect, all new homes will need to have energuide modelling and evaluations for the homes to indicate that it is in compliance with the step code. As this is being implemented, builders, and homeowners are being given subsidies to cover some of the costs for the evaluations and new home modelling.  The Step Code is a pathway which communities are moving towards with the Province.

The plan, called Clean BC, requires all new building to be net-zero energy ready by 2032, and all new cars sold to be zero-emission by 2040. This will mean that homes will be able to utilize PV Solar cell to meet their energy needs. Within these plans, are incentives to help us get there.

There are rebates for everything in the homes to get us there.

  • Heating systems up to $2000
  • Insulation up to $4400
  • High efficiency hot water devices up to $1000
  • Efficiencybc.ca is also offering a bonus rebate of up to $2000 based on total energy savings
  • CMHC is offering green efficiency upgrade rebates of up to 25% ($1500 – $7500)
  • For new homes there are up to $8500 rebates for builders from Fortis
  • The RDN up to $1350

Maximizes the Potential Benefits

The first step for any new home builder, or existing homeowner to contact an energy adviser to do the initial evaluation before the home is being built, or in the case of existing homes, before any works starts. This way, everyone maximizes the potential benefits (rebates/ratings/subsidies) while at the same time getting an opportunity to make the most energy efficient decisions for the projects

To meet these goals, communities are progressing along the step-code at their own pace, starting in 2019 with Step Cod 1 (Min Building Code) All the way to Step Code 5- (Net-Zero Ready). It is important to get your full set of plans to the energy adviser as soon as you have them ready. This way, the energy adviser can go through with the builder all the potential ways to move forward down the step code paths energy efficiency requirements. It may be that a builder is close to step code 2 or 3 already, and with minor changes can fully realize that rating.

More Info

Contact Christopher Wiebe, at 250.714.2274 for your energy evaluation today! Website :: PH: 250.714.2274 :: TF: 866.241.6804

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